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The FUTURE Aluminum industry is a well-renowned company that has been in the market for 20 years, providing exceptional products, advanced manufacturing equipment, state of the art quality procedures and satisfaction driven service. FUTURE Aluminum industries specialize in extruded Aluminum profiles from the simplest to the most complex, to be utilized in a variety of applications, From Structural components to decorative and architectural elements. Future Aluminum industries extrusion plant is capable of producing Aluminum Extrusion 24,000 tons/ year Powder Coating 10,000 tons/ year.

The prime objective of FUTURE Aluminum industries is to guarantee the best quality and logistics of supply, our company has established a very high standard quality check system in guaranteeing that all extruded profiles are of the highest caliber. FUTURE Aluminum industries use only the most modern, computerized, state of the art Italian machinery for producing the best quality Aluminum profiles. FUTURE sophisticated extrusion, Water quenching, and powder coating machinery guarantee that every profile From FUTURE regardless of the complexity is of the highest standard and caliber.